July 1, 2021

Teltonika company group has been in close contact with Vilnius University of Applied Sciences (VIKO) for several years now, organising internships for students at Teltonika IoT and B2B academies. For more than three years, our academies have been helping students gain professional experience and new knowledge, prepare their final theses and have offered a workplace for the most motivated ones. We are proud to say that, when the academies just started their activities, the first student that we hired was from VIKO.

With the aim to ensure even stronger ties and promote cooperation between science and business, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences and Teltonika IoT Group signed a mutually beneficial agreement. Under the agreement, both parties commit to improving the computer science and engineering study programmes and the overall quality of studies, jointly carrying out project activities and research, organising student internships and sharing experience in various fields.

At Teltonika company group, we strive to help the future generations of young talents. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to ensure that young people receive the best quality of education, have the opportunity to acquire as much valuable knowledge as possible, and are encouraged to continuously learn and develop their skills. We will work side by side with the VIKO community, lecturers and students, review the curricula, supervise students' final theses, arrange professional internships for Lithuanian and exchange students, and carry out various Lithuanian and international projects.

We have also recently announced our special scholarship programme. We are excited that VIKO’s Faculty of Electronics and Informatics participates in this programme as well. The most talented first-year students of VIKO's Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering study programmes will receive an annual scholarship of EUR 3 000 each. We invite students to fill in the scholarship application form now.

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