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November 3, 2021

We are excited to announce that Teltonika enters a new business niche. We have established a new business unit Teltonika Energy that will soon start mass production of smart and reliable EV charging solutions.   


In 2020, around 3 million new electric cars were registered around the world, with 1.4 million new registrations in Europe only. The growth rates of EV sales in 2021 in all regions of the world are 3 to 8 times higher than for total light vehicle markets. With strong re-electrification, one billion EVs may be in use worldwide in 2050, around half of the total fleet and about the same number of all types of vehicles that are on the road today.  

However, together with the growing adoption of electric vehicles, the demand for EV chargers will be rising, too. Today, lack of reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure inhibits many of us from purchasing or leasing EVs, thus impairing EV adoption and eventually efforts towards decarbonization. 

Innovative electric vehicle charging solutions are needed globally to enable EV adoption at scale, with more efficient and sustainable driving, effectively contributing towards the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide. 

Just to put this fundamental shift into the perspective of numbers. It is estimated that by 2025, 20% of all new cars sold globally will be electric, and by 2030 this number will double, reaching 40%. Together with the growing adoption of electric vehicles, the demand for EV chargers will continue to rise, too,” says Jonas Palovis, Head of Operational Marketing at Teltonika Energy. 


By establishing the Teltonika Energy division, we take responsibility to be an active contributor delivering tangible solutions to one of the world’s most urgent challenges - decarbonization. At Teltonika Energy, we strive to accelerate the transition to a greener future, powered by renewables and transformed by smart IoT technologies,” states Tadas Tumelis, Head of Teltonika Energy. 

The company sets out to develop and manufacture innovative electric vehicle charging hardware and software solutions, improving access to EV charging infrastructure and effectively contributing towards the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide. 

Access to affordable EV charging at home is a significant determining factor for whether or not someone will purchase an electric vehicle. As such, deploying our sophisticated infrastructure and globally recognized expertise in the development and manufacturing of smart IoT devices to produce smart EV charging solutions is a logical step for Teltonika,” says Simas Rutkauskas, CEO of Teltonika EMS. 


Towards the end of 2021, Teltonika Energy will be launching the first TeltoCharge product line, featuring premium quality, highly customizable, and easy-to-use EV charging solutions that will enable users worldwide to conveniently charge their EVs at home or at any shared-car parking. It will be an exceptional product combining premium looks, high-quality build, and smart EV charging features to save customers’ time and money.  

TeltoCharge will feature fast EV charging capability (up to 22kW) and plenty of configuration options, ranging from 5 distinct color choices and front plate finishes to different connectivity types, including Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and GSM. It will be a powerful, robust, reliable, and water-resistant EV charger that can withstand even the harshest outdoor elements. 

Quick and easy installation without any extra steps, premium design and quality build, plenty of configuration options to choose from and smart EV charging features. We made it as simple and user-friendly as possible to deliver effortless EV charging experience,” says Povilas Mikalainis, CTO at Teltonika EMS. 

TeltoCharge will come with a smartphone app, allowing users to easily monitor the status of their EV charger, schedule charging when the power is cheapest, view statistics in real time, lock the charger to protect it from unwanted users, and more.  


The vision of Teltonika Energy is to become a global leader in smart electrification hardware and software solutions powered by renewable energy. The company aims to offer the most affordable smart EV charging solutions of the highest quality to users in the whole world.  

Over the next couple of years, Teltonika Energy will build an entire product offering needed for EV charging infrastructure. And TeltoCharge is only the first step towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

Visit the new Teltonika Energy webpage. Follow our news and be the first to learn about new product launch.

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