December 22, 2021

On December 22, Teltonika IoT Group donated the necessary equipment for Vilnius University Faculty of Physics laboratories. This equipment will be helpful for students of the Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies programme, who are working on their lab projects or theses.

Better conditions for learning and creating

The laboratories at the Faculty of Physics play a vital role in the learning process. Hence, by providing some of the latest equipment for the university, we aim to ensure that future electronics and telecommunications technology professionals receive the highest quality education possible.

Prof. Robertas Grigalaitis mentions that this equipment will be most beneficial for students doing laboratory work:

“The equipment varies in complexity; therefore, it can be used by students in both bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. We will also use the equipment for certain research activities, which will help us to raise the level of research.”

Ernestas Zdaniauskis, Vice President for Innovation and Business Development of Teltonika IoT Group, also emphasizes the value of the donated equipment:

“This equipment will contribute to the learning base and will create an even more favourable environment for students to create and grow. New, advanced instruments will offer more opportunities for them to turn their ideas in telecommunications and electronics into reality. I believe that investing in education and science is essential if we want to stimulate the knowledge economy.”

Cooperation as an investment

Both the Teltonika company group and the University seek to unlock students’ creative powers and help them make new discoveries and, of course, gain as much knowledge as possible. Therefore, in May 2021, Teltonika IoT Group and Vilnius University have signed a cooperation agreement to develop an even closer relationship between science and business and improve the quality of studies.

To support the most motivated students, Teltonika has launched a scholarship programme. This year, 24 students at Vilnius University received Teltonika’s €3 000 scholarships. As many as nine scholarships were allocated to the Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies programme at the Faculty of Physics.

We hope that the partnership between Teltonika and Vilnius University will be a significant step in improving the quality of study programmes, ensuring better student internships and training highly qualified specialists.

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