October 18, 2021

On October 18, we have officially awarded the first €3.000 scholarships to 36 electronics, IT and mechanics students at Vilnius Tech university, who demonstrated their exceptional desire to contribute to the development of new technologies.


The fundamental value of the Teltonika company group is helping people: employees, clients, society, and young talents. To encourage young people to pursue education in technology and create an opportunity for them to unlock their potential, we established a public institution Teltonika High-Tech Hill and started a unique scholarship programme “The future belongs to me!”. Teltonika’s €3.000 scholarships will help students get a foothold in their studies and pursue new knowledge and skills without worries.

The best universities in Lithuania participate in the scholarship programme: Vilnius University, Vilnius Tech, Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, and Utena University of Applied Sciences. We will run the programme for the next five years and grant €3.000 scholarships to 100 most motivated students every year. The total investment of the Teltonika company group for the scholarships will amount to €1.5 million.

“For many years, Teltonika has been following a clear vision to open up the best opportunities for young talents to learn and create. That is why we were excited to hear that the president of the Teltonika company group Arvydas Paukštys proposed an idea of creating a large-scale scholarship programme. By collaborating with academic institutions and providing scholarship opportunities for students, we hope to encourage them to take an interest in the high technologies of the future and pursue careers in engineering and IT,” says Julius Purlys, director of TELTONIKA HIGH-TECH HILL, VšĮ.


This year more than 500 high-school graduates from various regions in Lithuania applied for Teltonika’s €3.000 scholarship. We have chosen the top 100 candidates who have demonstrated their strong desire to learn, grow, excel, and develop future technologies.

Raminta, an electronics engineering student at Vilnius Tech university, shares her thoughts about receiving a Teltonika scholarship, “When I was still in school, my teacher told me about the Teltonika scholarship project and about the construction of a new technology centre in Molėtai. I became interested in electronics engineering in April, when participating in a Teltonika event in Molėtai. There I found out about study programmes that are eligible for Teltonika’s scholarship. Also, electronics engineering is one of the most promising fields of study. The scholarship has made my life easier, as I no longer have to ask my parents for money. I think that it is a great financial support for students.”

Gytis, who studies information system engineering, shares this opinion and is also delighted to have received a scholarship, “I became interested in programming in 7th or 8th grade, and since then I have started creating programmes and games. I realized that I like this field the most, so I chose information systems engineering. Vilnius Tech also has special place for workshops with all the necessary equipment to create your own projects. When choosing the study programme, I noticed that Teltonika offers to apply for a scholarship, so I took this opportunity. I think that this scholarship is really useful because I won’t have to look for a job and will be able to concentrate on my studies.”

Thank you to all the candidates and good luck in your studies! We look forward to receiving scholarship applications from future first-year students next year.

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