November 18, 2021

The Teltonika company group became general sponsor of Vaidotas Žala’s team at the 2022 Dakar Rally. His team will represent Lithuania under the new name of Teltonika Racing.

“Every year, we allocate at least a million euros to financial aid of different kinds. The Dakar Rally attracts worldwide attention, so by contributing to V. Žala’s participation in the competition, we aim to help promote Lithuania’s name around the world,” says Arvydas Paukštys, founder and president of the Teltonika company group.

He reveals that the idea of supporting the Dakar Rally initiative also originated from the areas where Teltonika operates:

“We are a leading manufacturer of industrial networking technologies and vehicle tracking solutions in Europe. For many years, Teltonika has been developing and applying innovations in these fields, and some of our clients are using our solutions in motor sport as well. Moreover, we will open the Teltonika Technology Centre in Molėtai next year. Thus, by sponsoring V. Žala, who is originally from Molėtai, we are happy to contribute to the success of our fellow countryman,” says A. Paukštys.

A stronger team 

Vaidotas Žala will be joined by a co-driver Paulo Fiuza, an experienced rally participant from Portugal. Here in Lithuania, he will meet the team, see the upgraded car and take part in the first test drives. Saulius Jurgelėnas, who completed several Dakar Rallies in a co-driver’s seat, will also join the crew. In Saudi Arabia, he will be responsible for communications.

In the Dakar Rally, V. Žala will race in a specially adapted X-Raid, which brought him first place in the first Dakar stage in 2020. This time, the car will be equipped with an improved, next-generation engine that will make the Teltonika Racing vehicle even faster and more reliable.

The Dakar Rally will take place on 1-14 January 2022. Stay tuned for our latest news!

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