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Published on 2021 07 21


In 2022, the beautiful landscape of Molėtai, Lithuania, will be accompanied by Teltonika Technology Centre, a 10 800 m2 building with offices, laboratories, testing and production lines for telemedicine and networking devices. This Teltonika branch will create as many as 500 new jobs for technologists, electronics designers and engineers, programmers, managers, testers, assemblers, executives, administrators and other professionals in Molėtai and the surrounding area. Teltonika Technology Centre aims to provide attractive, well-paid, high added-value jobs in the Molėtai region and stimulate people’s interest in the newest technologies and engineering professions.

Employee training is one of the vital parts of the onboarding process; therefore, recruitment for the technology centre in Molėtai has already started. Even though we are hiring remotely, people are not intimidated by this. They are actively interested in job opportunities, asking many questions, sending CVs and applying for various technical positions. We are glad that in a very short time, 13 specialists, including electronics assemblers-packers, project preparation operators, warehouse and internal logistics coordinators, selective soldering operators and electronics testers, have already become the first employees of Teltonika Technology Centre.

Every new employee gets immediate assistance and training from our specialists. The new team members travel from Molėtai to Vilnius and back at the company’s expense to learn all the required skills. The training programme will continue for several months or a year, depending on the employee’s position. As soon as the technology centre in Molėtai opens its doors, the employees will be located at their new, fully prepared workplace. They will have an opportunity to grow and fulfil themselves in a dynamic working environment as well as receive the same competitive salary as employees in Vilnius or Kaunas.

We will recruit employees in stages, but the team will constantly be growing throughout the whole period up to the opening of the technology centre. The largest recruitment campaign will take place in Q2 of 2022. We are hiring the following specialists:

  • Process engineer
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Engineer (Design engineer)
  • Technical control engineer
  • SMT operator
  • Visual inspection operator
  • Project preparation operator
  • Selective soldering operator
  • Electronic devices assembler-installer
  • Electronic devices tester

We are currently looking for a team of Technical, Assembly and Testing Managers. The managers will have an excellent chance to work in Vilnius for a year and learn the specifics of Teltonika’s organisational culture and work. We look forward to meeting and welcoming everybody to our friendly team! Here you can find all Teltonika EMS vacancies: CAREER.

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