The first IoT Academy in Lithuania offers a unique opportunity to dive into the world of the Internet of Things and test yourself in creating the cutting-edge technology devices. This is your first step towards a professional career of your dreams.

Teltonika academy


By joining the academy, you will be able to test your skills in various fields. We offer a wide choice of positions to help you discover your talent and find the career path that is meant for you.


You will have a chance to put your ideas into action, acquire invaluable experience, and have a great time with other students. You will contribute to developing a unique and important project, which you can present as your final thesis at university.


Internship at the IoT academy is your first career step. Here you will not only gain practical knowledge but also get an excellent chance to continue your journey at Teltonika. Many of our alumni have already successfully joined the Teltonika team.

Have you ever wondered how Spark works and why it’s so easy to unlock or lock the car remotely by simply using your smartphone? Or how is it known when exactly the bus is to arrive at a bus stop? Or do you still think that police forces can unreasonably use the emergency lights to pass the traffic without a real need of emergency?
As one of the leaders of IoT and the leading company in telematics in the world, we are all about vehicle tracking and diagnostics. By now, our products offer anti-theft, car sharing, vehicle maintenance, speed limiting, and other original and cutting-edge solutions to our customers, but we are not stopping here. We are thrilled to create new innovative solutions and introduce them to the whole world with the help of talented students from our academies. Are you willing to help us? Start your practice and continue your journey afterwards in the Teltonika Telematics R&D or B2B sales teams.
Electronics engineers are responsible for the design, development and full implementation of PCBs. They ensure that devices are developed and manufactured with the right components. Engineers work not only on design but also on documentation, which is necessary for other responsible people to learn how to manufacture, assemble and use a certain product. At Teltonika, we divide electronics engineers into three groups, based on their work specifics. Some are responsible for product design, correction of bugs and optimisation; others for the development of testing equipment. And the third group is responsible for ensuring that products comply with the international requirements. Electronics engineers in the latter group are metrologists who carry out various measurements on our products in accordance with global standards. During your internship, you will be introduced to electronics theory so you could design devices based on the right standards. You’ll also learn how to test, design circuits and find analogues for existing components. Your tasks will include designing surge protectors, getting to know the SPI interface, modelling and writing documentation. In the Teltonika company group, electronics engineers do not need programming skills, so there would be no or very few programming tasks in this internship. You will also have an opportunity to conduct different analyses and get hands-on experience with the products that are in development by improving them or fixing bugs. For this course, you will need basic knowledge of electronic components, their appearance, applications and functions. Experience in developing electronic devices by means of Altium designer program or other CAD programs will also be very useful.



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If you didn’t find all the necessary information about the IoT Academy, feel free to contact us directly.


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